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Your New Zealand Virtual Assistant Firm

Helping business owners be happier and less stressed

Your New Zealand Virtual Assistant firm

When you’re running a business, it’s hard not to get bogged down in all the admin & bookkeeping. If you’re not careful, it can end up killing the passion which inspired you in the first place. 

Fortunately, we can help. Varntige is a New Zealand virtual assistant firm with the simplest of goals: to help business owners be happier and less stressed while running their businesses.

Putting our values into action!


At Varntige, everything we do as a virtual assistant firm is building toward our vision of happier and less stressed business owners.

Every single service we offer, from bookkeeping and administration to graphic and website design, has been designed to serve this mission. 

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with some truly amazing business owners and have seen firsthand how issues of time, business skills or cash flow can get in the way of enjoying the parts of their business they love the most. 

That’s what drives the team at Varntige every day:

The challenge of building a sustainable, positive company that empowers people all around New Zealand to do what they do best, and fall in love with their business all over again.

Are you ready to get back to doing what you love?

Meet your team of Virtual Assistants

Relax knowing your administrative, bookkeeping or design tasks are being completed by the best.

Our team can help with your regular ongoing business jobs or one-off project work with packages to suit your needs and budget.

100% Xero Bookkeepers

New Zealand Bookkeeping at it's best.


We are 100% Xero-based, leveraging this internationally acclaimed Kiwi-based business to offer a generous range of monthly bookkeeping packages to fit your needs.


Simple, beautiful, Google friendly… all those words will describe your very own Rocketspark website by the time we’ve got it built.


Exhausted trying to keep all your ducks in a row? Leave that to us. Find out more about our payroll packages for SMEs, and our specialist software designed for farming and agriculture!

Everyone’s business is different, but the problems we face are often very similar. If the challenges below sound familiar, we can definitely help.

Do you work in the trades industry?

Good on the tools, but not on the books?
Up late at night invoicing after 10 hours on site? And to be honest you're sitting there thinking – did I even invoice that right?
If this sounds like you find out how we can help

Do you run a small business?

Are you over run with paperwork?
Do you need help in choosing the right software to fit your business? Or how to even use the software you are paying for?
Our administration team can help you get your time back

Dairy or Drystock farmer?

Had enough of running gst's yourself?
Tired of all the administration and data entry into MINDA?
Sick of dealing with payroll?
We help farmers all over the country


​We answer all the FAQ's you might have about our Virtual Assistant services

Use our team for bookkeeping, administration or graphic design services

Leave a message below and our team will be in contact.

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