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When we started Varntige in 2015, it was with the simplest of missions: to help business owners be happier and less stressed while running their growing businesses.

Every service that we have created since then, whether it’s bookkeeping, administration, graphic design or websites, has been in pursuit of that mission. 

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with some truly amazing business owners and we have got to see first hand how issues of time, business skills or cash flow can get in the way of them enjoying the parts of their business they love the most. 

We think it’s a little sad that many people don’t have the time to focus on whatever it is that’s most important to them. 

But we don’t get sad for long, because at Varntige we are working every day to build a sustainable, positive company that empowers people all around New Zealand to do what they do best, and fall in love with their business all over again.

Our Values


Because people are important to us. We want to make a difference.
We employ local.


We enjoy learning, we seek experiences that help us grow as people, as a team and as YOUR team.


Working honestly, openly, reliably and providing outstanding service to everyone that crosses our path. Making it a joy to meet us.

Positive Action

Because the word positive means nothing without action. We provide a POSITIVE work environment, so our team can ACTION.


Be bold, be brave, follow your dreams!
And we will be here, growing with you every step of the way.

In the community

People are important to us

Whai Basketball

We sponsor Whai Basketball for Graphic and Website Design. Whai Basketball Women's team is about to start year two of the G.J. Gardner Tauihi Basketball Aotearoa League, while the Whai Basketball Men are set to join the Sal's NBL in 2024.

Learn more about Whai!

Lift Up Community Day

We LEVEL UP business, but we also LIFT UP our community with our Lift Up Community Day. We love being a part of this community and for one day every year, we close our doors, and gift our time to a local organisation or charity where we think we can help the most!

Learn more about the application process.

Lift Up Community Website

Our Lift Up initiative expands to our design services. Each year we partner with Rocketspark to provide a FREE website for a NFP or organisation in New Zealand. This is open to ANY Not for Profit.

Learn more about our FREE Community Website.

SPCA Cupcake Day

Each year our Team all bake delicious cupcakes and sell them in our office, all proceeds go towards the SPCA.

Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our Newsletter for updates on days like this!

Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce

We're are a financial member of the Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce.

St John New Zealand

We make a regular monthly donation to St John New Zealand. St John completes many different services throughout New Zealand - their best known one would be managing our ambulance service.

Again close to our heart - Chantelle has been for a few ambulance rides in her lifetime. Chantelle also donates to St John's on a personal basis and highly recommends signing your family up for a membership. It covers the cost of any ambulance rides you may need and supports St John.
We would hate to think where we would be without them.

If you too would like to make a donation you can do so here.

SPCA New Zealand

We make a regular monthly donation to SPCA New Zealand. SPCA helps protect over 45,000 animals in New Zealand every year. Animals who are sick, injured, abused or simply abandoned.

SPCA receives almost no government funding, everything they do relies on community support and donation. Together, we help the animals that so desperately need it, and bring justice to those who have failed these innocent animals.

If you too would like to make a donation you can do so here.

Meet the Varntige team

Meet your team of virtual assistants: Experts in Bookkeeping, Administration and Design

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