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A FREE Website Christmas gift

On the first day of Christmas, Varntige gave to me... ONE FREE WEBSITE (& a lifetime of free hosting)

Submissions are CLOSED for 2021

If you would like the opportunity to be selected for Christmas 2022, please complete the form below.

We LOVE community! We love helping and supporting others as much as we can.

We hope by this stage you know about our annual Community Day, a day where we close our doors and help out a local organisation, charity or Not-For-Profit in any way they might need. 

We want to do more!

This year we started a new initiative to help NEW ZEALAND WIDE organisations who will benefit from getting themselves online. We will create one FREE website for someone who needs it. Not only is the design completely free, we are partnered with Rocketspark who are offering their FREE website hosting for the lifetime of that website. The only requirement is you must be a Charity, Organisation or NFP.

Our first winner for this was Keep Hamilton Beautiful

Keep Hamilton Beautiful is an awesome local organisation helping to clean up Hamilton and offer guidance for recycling and looking after our community.

So is our next winner you?

Fill out the form to have the chance to WIN A FREE ROCKETSPARK WEBSITE

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Thanks for your registration and GOOD LUCK! We will be in touch

We will be in touch whether your application was successful or not.

Thanks for applying - The Varntige Team

Terms & Conditions

  1. You do not need to be a registered Charity or Not for Profit, but you must be genuinely operating as a NFP
  2. You need to be a New Zealand based organisation
  3. Registrations will close in December 2022
  4. We will choose a winner in December 2022
  5. The winner will be chosen by the staff at Varntige
  6. The winner will be contacted via email, phone or any other contact details we have for them
  7. The winning organisation must be happy with allowing us to post videos, pictures and other media relating to the website, to social media
  8. This website is not transferable for money or anything else
  9. Varntige reserves the right to change the winner for any reason
  10. The build will be completed in 2023
  11. Rocketspark will be funding the Free Website Hosting
  12. Domain Name hosting is not included

Our latest Community Days


Freeman Court Te Awamutu

This year we navigated our way around Covid and Lockdown to help Freeman Court in Te Awamutu. Freeman Court doesn't get a lot of funding for maintaining the gardens and outside area for its residents, so we spent the day water blasting, gardening and painting the area for the upcoming summer months. 


Te Awamutu Boxing Academy

In 2020 we helped out the Te Awamutu Boxing Academy (The Te Awamutu Youth Development Trust) and managed to paint 3 rooms, help find funding opportunities, create new business cards, flyers and other design work.


Mathematics for a Lifetime Charitable Trust

In 2019 we helped Mathematics for a Lifetime Charitable Trust. We helped with Bookkeeping, Administration and Design as well as we walked the streets of Te Awamutu selling raffle tickets.

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