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Good on the tools, but not on the books?

We are here to help with expert Bookkeeping for busy Tradies & those in the Ag Industry all throughout New Zealand

Love your business, but not the books?

Up late at night invoicing after 10 hours on site? And to be honest you're sitting there thinking – did I even invoice that right?

Are you over run with paperwork?

Do you need help in choosing the right software to fit your business? Or how to even use the software you are paying for?

Had enough of running gst's yourself?

Tired of organising staff and scheduling jobs? Sick of dealing with payroll?

We are Gold Partners and Certified Advisors for Xero Accounting Software

100% Xero Bookkeeping

Are bookkeeping tasks like invoicing, reconciling, GST returns, and payroll causing you to lose sleep or take up too much time? If so, it's time to LEVEL UP with our expert bookkeeping services.

Our team specialises in providing tailored solutions for busy tradies and agricultural businesses, ensuring that your finances are managed efficiently and accurately. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

Industries we work with

✔ Electricians
✔ Plumbers
✔ Builders
✔ Engineers
✔ Water Blasters
✔ Farmers

✔ Agricultural Contractors
✔ Mechanics
✔ Auto Electricians
✔ Fencers
✔ Painters

How we can help: 

✔ Full Xero management
✔ Reconciling
✔ Online filing of all receipts, invoices and financial paperwork
✔ Gst returns
✔ Sending your invoices
✔ Phone Answering
✔ Reception services

✔ Management of Accounts Payable & Receivable, including paying bills
✔ Job scheduling
✔ Payroll
✔ Xero training of staff
✔ Debtor management
✔ Office Management

Are you feeling unsure?

Get your first month FREE*

Looking for help, but worried about whether we are the right fit for you? Trial us for a month for FREE!

*Set-up fees will apply, get in touch to learn more

We have experience in the following software:

What problems do you have that we can help you solve?

If you’re not based in the Waikato we can have a phone or online meeting to make a plan, our clients are located all over New Zealand.

Fill out the form and our team will come back to you within 24 business hours about your first FREE month* with Varntige

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Give us a call - 07 870 1669

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How we help our clients with our Xero Bookkeeping services

Xero bookkeeping services

Feeling the pressure of your business? Here's how we can help

Gavin of BodeySpark Electrical was feeling the pressure of running his business. The stress of the amount of work that he was juggling alongside being a husband and father was keeping him up at night and paralysing him with worry about getting things done on time.

"I do industrial work during the day and it’s intensive so there aren’t many opportunities to stop and do any bookwork or administration. I desperately needed help, and I really feel like I’ve had a winner with Chantelle."

- Gavin Bodey


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