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Tetley-Jones Agriculture Case Study

As a business grows and the work intensifies, finding the right help is imperative to a business’s continued success.

Ross Tetley-Jones knew it was time to find the right kind of help for his agricultural business nearly five years ago and says he hasn’t looked back since.

“Chantelle and her team do a very good job for me. I have three different operations under the one umbrella, and they keep everything running smoothly for me,” Ross says.

Tetley-Jones Agriculture operates a farm, an agricultural contracting business for hay and silage, and recently expanded to offering earth moving services too.

“My business was growing to the point it was too much for me to handle on my own. It had been a one-man band type of business but before long we had employed full time staff and over our busy season, our team grows by three to four more staff too.”

From payroll to contracts, administration duties and anything else that pops up, Chantelle and the team at Varntige keep everything ticking over smoothly and recently introduced new systems to help simplify invoicing and timesheets. has made it easy for the team to keep on trop of their paperwork, with the information for jobs and their time all filed directly through to Chantelle, who can ensure invoices are sent out promptly.

“I have staff that range in age from 18 through to in their 70s – they can operate the system well and the information goes straight to Chantelle. The guy in his 70s is well across it and uses it each day, it’s great.”

Without Chantelle and the team from Varntige, Ross reckons he might be buggered.

“She is over it all and sorts out anything I send her way. She provides a very good all-round service, a one-stop shop! Chantelle is my go-to lady and has a very good attitude about getting work done. The whole team at Varntige are all really good and have good personalities.”

“I also have a very good accountant, and Chantelle complements them nicely. They are my team that keep everything going so I can get out get the work done. I’d be struggling without Chantelle, that’s for sure. I don’t really work on computers so anything that comes up, including signing contracts online, I just pop into the office in Te Awamutu and she steps me through everything.”

Good communication is key to working with a virtual assistant.

“Chantelle and I communicate really well – she is a very capable lady. She has done a very good job for me. She has a great can-do attitude, and we always have a great yarn when I pop into the office.”

Who is Tetley-Jones Agriculture?

Tetley-Jones Agriculture is a contracting business based in Otorohanga specialising in hay, silage, loader wagon, drilling, cultivation, and earthmoving services.

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