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Payroll for NZ businesses with 50 or fewer staff

We understand how important it is to get your Payroll done correctly


Are you running your payroll correctly?

Everyone who employees staff in New Zealand needs to make sure they are running their payrolls correctly. Legislation makes things difficult - hand over the payroll pressure to our team.

Unlike our bookkeeping services we specialise in 4 different payroll software applications. This is because in NZ one size does not fit all. We're payroll partners with: PayHero, iPayroll, Xero Payroll and AgriSmart. 

Payroll services include

  • Setting up payroll software, including full set-up of new staff
  • Management of payroll software 
  • Running Payrolls
  • Paying staff 
  • Dealing with PAYE and the IRD
  • Handling queries from staff relating to payroll
  • Advice with Payroll issues

We can work with anyone in New Zealand for our payroll services.

Payroll for Farmers

Specialising in Payroll for farmers and ag contractors

Farmers are often up late at night running Payroll for their busy team. In between going out to check that cows having calves are doing well. With all the current payroll legislation and minimum hour requirements for farmers we understand the pressures this creates.

That's why we've created AgriSmart Payroll Packages especially for the farming and agricultural industries. In these packages we can manage all your headache payroll requirements, run your payroll and deal with any payroll queries that come from your staff.

So whether you're a dairy farmer, drystock farmer, agricultural contractor or running an orchard get in touch. We want to help make your life a little easier with one less thing to worry about late at night. 

You can learn more here.

Make payroll easier for you

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