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Rocketspark Partner Site of the Month March 2023

What Rocketspark had to say about our design:

"We are pleased to announce The Costume Truck Company by Varntige as our partner website of the month for March.

When the page ‌first loads, you are greeted with an informative background video in the feature stack that gives the viewer a clear first impression of what the company does. The video showcases the company's unique services and is supported with a clear heading and call to action.

The clear hierarchy of the text throughout the site makes it easy to read and follow. The text content is well-organised into bite-sized amounts, creating an engaging experience for both desktop and mobile users. All content is well-spaced making the website clear and easy to navigate.

The black and white colour scheme is consistent throughout the site and the designer has embraced a geometric grid layout by using column borders to frame the content. Even though this website uses only a monochromatic colour palette, the designer has still created an effective hierarchy throughout the design.

Overall, this is a great website design and effectively promotes The Costume Truck Company in a simple yet unique way.

Congratulations to Varntige on a fantastic job!"

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