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December 18, 2020

​We answer all the FAQ's you might have about our services

If we/I want to start using your services how do we go about this?You get in touch with us. From there we will arrange a meeting (face to face, online or a by phone) to help understand how we can help. We will find out what issues you're having and ask the question...
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We consider ourselves the Pros at working online, it's what we've been doing the last five years and every day we learn new and better ways to work with our clients. We wanted to offer some tips to businesses that are only just getting used to working online and at...
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It’s a weeknight, and you’re working late at the office again. If you’ve got other staff, they’ve gone home already, but as the boss you can’t just walk away and switch off. There are invoices to send, emails to respond to, accounts to manage.You’d love to get ho...
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The Cost Difference - Varntige versus an employeeToday I've created a fictional business called 'The Plumbing Store', owned by Joe so that I can provide you with an example of the value we often add over employing staff.  'Joe' from 'The Plumbing Store' has an Office Ma...
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Paperless, can you even imagine?Do you work in an office that feels like it's covered in paper? Maybe it's not that bad, but you have thought about making the change to paperless and wondered how to go about it? What are the real benefits? Continue reading to find out our th...
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How does this VA thing work?So, you've been thinking about getting a VA (Virtual Assistant). To get started we offer a FREE 1-hour meeting to work out if we're the right VA for your business. We want to learn all about you and your business and what's important to you! After...
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