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We consider ourselves the Pros at working online, it's what we've been doing the last five years and every day we learn new and better ways to work with our clients. We wanted to offer some tips to businesses that are only just getting used to working online and at...
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It’s a weeknight, and you’re working late at the office again. If you’ve got other staff, they’ve gone home already, but as the boss you can’t just walk away and switch off. There are invoices to send, emails to respond to, accounts to manage.You’d love to get ho...
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A List of Opportunities

March 31, 2020
We wanted to give freely to business owners who right now are going to be struggling. While it's great to keep optimism going and look at the positive side of this. There is a dark side. The one which will have families in tears, wondering how they will pay for food, their m...
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The Cost Difference - Varntige versus an employeeToday I've created a fictional business called 'The Plumbing Store', owned by Joe so that I can provide you with an example of the value we often add over employing staff.  'Joe' from 'The Plumbing Store' has an Office Ma...
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