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A run down of the 2020 Bookkeepers Conference from our Bookkeeper Andrea.As a new staff member, I was excited to learn that I was invited to attend Bookkeepcon2020!! The prospect of catching up with associates and past colleagues and being part of the bookkeeping world was g...
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So your bank balance doesn't match your Xero balance - don't cry yet. Let's help you fix it!  In our last blog we talked about the monthly checks you can do in Xero to make sure your Xero account stays tidy. Today we're going to take a more in depth look at one of these...
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Every month when we are completing tasks for clients in Xero, we also complete a set of checks. For most clients we are not the only one that will be in their Xero account, you can have: The clientThe accountant + their staffOther advisors clients useThe clients staff  ...
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