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DIY'ing your website?With so many small businesses building their own websites on the likes of Rocketspark, Squarespace, WIX and other DIY website build software, it really helps to know the important things to look out for when building a website. Design, Content & SEO are ...
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You have been looking at the amount of people visiting your website and it is LOW and you're not getting sales through your shop. But why??? I mean you have just had a new website built which was supposed to do AMAZING things for your business a...
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Rocketspark provides a website you can update We only build websites in the Rocketspark platform because they were the solution to our problem - as a business we struggled to find website build software that was beautiful, easy to use, google friendly and most important...
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We've been building RocketSpark websites since 2016. We started doing so when I realised how UGLY the website I'd built for Varntige really was. I'd built it in an NZ based hideous template build software. I was so proud of myself at the time too - and had every reason to be...
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