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Why we recommend ActiveCURVE Coaching

At the end of 2023 I was lucky enough to be one of few, to be asked to attend a Coaching session in Hamilton. Often when you get the opportunity to attend a coaching session that is FREE - you might be left thinking what am I rolling into...

I'm happy to say I was more than pleasantly surprised. In fact so much so, that we have since implemented 5 key strategies taught in this one session by Robin Olivier. Of course I can't give those away - you'll need to go attend one of his sessions yourself.

I will say that they have changed our monthly management meetings, and provided us with the tools to make decisions around our finances, that are business changing.

Who is Robin Olivier? Originally from South Africa, he sold his multi-million dollar tech business before moving to New Zealand (a promise made to his Kiwi wife). He was one of those lucky enough to make it through the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 with his tech business and he uses the knowledge from the years of starting, growing and running that business to success to teach you how to run yours! And those lessons are worthy of listening too. 


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