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Managing Payroll so farmers can do what they do best!

When you're asked to picture farmers, what comes to mind?

Dirty gumboots, tired-looking from being up before dawn and out in the paddocks until after the sun has set? Now picture that same farmer, working those long hours, in those tiresome conditions, and then picture him going home to go do the paperwork that still needs to be done

Tons and tons of paperwork.  Workers need to be paid, bills need to be checked, jobs need to be thoroughly considered and planned for. Add on top of that accidents that might of happened during the day and unforeseen circumstances: a sick employee, a fence gone down. Having to reschedule tasks and jobs accordingly. Where to start?

Is this you, are you that farmer?

Is it the right time to hand over your payroll management to The Good P.A so you can get back to doing what you do best?

We have teamed up with AgriSmart, a business located in the Waikato, who provide a software program that deals with all your farming needs in one program.

With Agrismart you are able to:

  • Organise your Rosters
  • Ensure Payroll is paid correctly
  • Add jobs and tasks 
  • Add Maps of your farms to know know exactly which task should be done and where
  • Activate GPS tracking, allowing jobs to be date and time stamped when completed
  • Having all your Health and Safety Plans and registers organised in one place

So now imagine after your busy day coming home to sit on the couch and enjoy time with your family - because payroll doesn't need to be run tonight and that staff member who'd asked today about his hours for last week was told to contact us direct.

Bliss right?

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