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The NEW us - Varntige

We’ve renamed and rebranded, our new name is: Varntige.

You will notice over the next month a change to our new colours, including a new website. For us Varntige (a play on vantage, and pronounced just the same) represents the next level in our journey as a business. We’re no longer ‘The Good P.A’ – me, working on my own from the home office. We’re a team of experienced Virtual Assistants, Bookkeepers and Graphic Designers who want to help our clients get to the next level in their businesses.

We want you to rest assured that our mission remains the same: to help business owners be happier and less stressed while running their growing businesses.

You will still be able to find and contact us on the details you have, as we’ve held on to our ‘’ domain name. This will slowly start to change and you will be asked to email me at:

If you have any questions about our new name, or anything else please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.



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