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Why isn't my online shop selling products like hot cakes?

You have been looking at the amount of people visiting your website and it is LOW and you're not getting sales through your shop. But why??? I mean you have just had a new website built which was supposed to do AMAZING things for your business and you think it looks pretty, so what is going on?

There is a lot that goes into 'selling online', having a beautiful looking website is only one of those things. On its own, it is not going to sell more product! You see having a great looking website is, well, beautiful and all, but if people do not know about it, how are they going to buy off it? The key is getting people to know about your website and products and sending a clear message to get them there. Getting them there, keeping them there and making it easy for them to purchase are all key ways to sell more product. 

Let us look at the first, there is a variety of ways to get people to your website, including:

  • Get your partners, suppliers, customers, and anyone else you can to put links on their websites and platforms back to your website
  • If you are asked to write a blog, article, or something else that someone will share, do, and get them to link back to your website
  • Start doing social media advertising
  • Google Ads
  • Posting on social media (free posts)
  • Creating a Google my business listing - FREE to have
  • Make sure all your marketing material has your website on it
  • If you are a member of any groups and you get an online profile, make sure these are up to date and link to your website
  • Joining social media groups - Facebook has heaps. The 'NZ Made Products' Facebook group has been going crazy since Covid-19. 

What other ways can you think of to get people to your website?

Always keep this in mind: People are LAZY - I am lazy. If people do not point me to the product, event, service, or website that they are talking about in any of the above then it is highly unlikely that I will go looking. Make sure you add a link to the specific page or product!  

In our next blogs we will be talking about 'Keeping potential customers on your website' and 'Making it easy for them to purchase'

Make sure to check back in for more great content! 


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