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Having a Paperless Office to create efficiency

Paperless, can you even imagine?

Do you work in an office that feels like it's covered in paper? Maybe it's not that bad, but you have thought about making the change to paperless and wondered how to go about it? What are the real benefits? Continue reading to find out our thoughts. 

At Varntige we have been paperless since we opened almost five years ago. We never started with 'client files' or piles of paper. In fact, when we look back at our stationery costs it would seem we barely go through a box of paper in six months. Because of this our desks are quite clear. However, despite the misconception paperless does not mean NO paper. We still have odd pieces floating around - especially from our clients. We often obtain their paperwork and scan this for them. We have a shredding box that gets emptied about once every six months. It's actually HIGHLY reduced paper. 

Over 10 years ago when I started working in an office (and each office after) we always had those ring binder folders - fill of GST returns, accounts payable and receivables - all kept for 7 years. All of this creates a time factor: filing, printing, storing, looking for those papers you stored earlier. Being that time is the most precious resource we have it makes complete sense for all businesses to eventually transition to paperless. 

Change can be scary - and you will have backlash when trying to make this move. Often, it's the business owners who don't want to change. If you're having any problems even thinking about the move we recommend watching Simon Sinek's video about How to Make a Cultural Transformation.

The biggest benefits we see from going paperless are:

  • Fast access to documents when stored online and access to them wherever you are in the world
  • Less risk - nothing lost if there is a fire, flood or some other disaster 
  • Reducing cost - including stationery and staff time
  • It's good for our environment - this is our main motivator; we should all look to DO GOOD!
If you need help with your paperless journey or want to chat to me about how we can help email us:


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