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Why RocketSpark is the perfect website platform for 80% of NZ Businesses

We've been building RocketSpark websites since 2016. We started doing so when I realised how UGLY the website I'd built for Varntige really was. I'd built it in an NZ based hideous template build software. I was so proud of myself at the time too - and had every reason to be, however after looking back I think Oh no... So, when I found out about RocketSpark, saw the designs and how easy it was I jumped at the chance to hire a Graphic Designer and build these websites for our clients. It was the solution to my problem, and I knew it would be the solution for so many of our clients too. 

Over 80% of NZ Businesses are SME's. Most SME's don't need a fully custom-built website and couldn't carry the cost of getting one created and then having to pay someone hundreds of dollars an hour to update this when they want to load photos and content. Then came along Website Build Software - that changed the market. 

So why RocketSpark over all the other template build platforms - Wix, SquareSpace and so many others?

  • RocketSpark are local - based in Cambridge NZ, (just down the road from us) with an 0800 number for Support 
  • Their templates are beautiful and provide design freedom - so while you may choose one template you can completely change the way it looks
  • They are constantly making updates that all RocketSpark customers receive - so it just keeps getting better
  • Their shop is easy to set-up and use, and looks awesome for your end user purchasing items 
  • They integrate with the likes of Xero, Vend, GoSweetSpot (for postage), MailChimp, Stripe and other payment options + MORE
  • Last but not least, you can have a RocketSpark partner like us build the site, provide training and then you or your staff will be able to update the site with pictures and content whenever you want - no paying someone the BIG BUCKS to update your website regularly

That's just 6 reasons but there are plenty more. Take a look at their website here:

If you would like a demo through their templates or any other information, get in contact with us - we're more than happy to run through a demo with you.
You can reach us on 07 870 1669


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