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Why would I need a Bookkeeper?

Is this a question you've asked yourself recently?

Or you're asking now? Why would you need a bookkeeper? 

As a business owner keeping your accounts tidy is so important. We see first-hand the problems that can be caused when not looking after your accounts - owing suppliers, owing staff, owing the IRD and finally your business failing. All things we are sure no one wants to have to deal with. These problems usually occur when someone without the skills and knowledge has been managing the accounts for a business. This could be the business owner, an administration staff member hired to do this job or someone else.

Now we don't want you to feel bad about this - we all have strengths and weaknesses. It's recognising what we can do competently in business and what we need to outsource. Such as bookkeeping if it's not a skill you have when you start or take over a business. Just as you won't see me fixing my shower if it breaks - now my partner might try, and then we may end up having to call a plumber and spending more money than we would of originally because while he was trying to fix it, something broke - that's when we should of outsourced FIRST! 

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider outsourcing to a good Bookkeeper:

  • You earn more money running your business - doing what you're good at and what you enjoy doing
  • Your accountant is performing bookkeeping duties but charging the same accounting fees - it's often cheaper to have both a Bookkeeper and Accountant
  • Sometimes you're awake at night wondering if you’re doing everything right - is the Inland Revenue Department happy? A Bookkeeper can help you sleep better by making sure your requirements with the IRD are completed and on time
  • Maintain cash flow - a good Bookkeeper will be able to help you organise when all your Accounts Payable and Receivables are due so that your bank balance stays in credit
  • Finally, money can buy you time - Time is priceless, once it's gone you can never get it back. If you spend the nights and weekends doing the accounts or missing out on time with your family a Bookkeeper can make sure you get this time back, to do whatever you like with 

What other reasons can you think of to hire a bookkeeper? We'd love to hear from you.

And if you're reading this thinking 'I need a Bookkeeper' lets have a chat about how we can help or 07 870 1669

The Varntige Team


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