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What are your thoughts on the 4 day working week?

I have been thinking a lot lately about a 4-day working week. For myself as a business owner I really want the team to have an enjoyable time at work. I want them to come and work at Varntige and feel inspired to live better lives. Not saying that any of the team don't live good lives but we can always improve, can't we? Be healthier, have a better balance between work and our personal lives. I want our team to enjoy their families and friends and by doing so be happier at work. 

I'm calling it Inner Happiness - it's being happy from the inside out. I feel very blessed in my life to have been on the journey I have been - with Kidney failure and after receiving a transplant in November 2019. While no one wants to go through health issues and horrible procedures it really does shed some light on what is important and what isn't so. For me living is important. Enjoying the little things. And NOT working 24/7. That's not how I run my business. I certainly don't work 24/7. In fact, my norm would be a 35-hour week. 

The 4-day work week keeps standing out to me. How cool would it be for the Team here if they only had to come to work 4 days a week. 3-day weekends every week. How beneficial for their health and family lives would that be?

We have a bit of research to do but it's something I am seriously considering for 2021. All the finer details will be planned out over time - like having some of the team off Mondays and some of the team off Fridays. 

I talked with David from Matley in Hamilton recently as they are trialling the 4-day work week in their business - I thought how cool that is. To be ahead of the pack! Doing what even the corporates sometimes lack. 

What are your thoughts on the 4-day work week? As an employee is it something you would be interested in? And as an employer is it something you would consider?

Love to hear your feedback - you can email me direct


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