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4 SEO’s Tips that EVERY Business can do for FREE!!!

You read that right – FREE SEO help. It’s been well over 3 years since we started building websites for our clients. In this time, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Website Software Builder RocketSpark – and we’ve been lucky enough to learn on our journey some FREE ways to improve your ‘ability to get to #1 on google’.

We use these to help our clients and we often give them out to our clients – now we’re helping you!
P.S – Don’t think this is a miracle, if the business you’re doing this for works in a highly searched industry on google and are based in a high-density area then they are probably not going to get you to page #1 – for that you will need some REAL SEO Magic from the Pros (we can recommend some if you’re looking).

However, if your smaller scale or not in a high-density area these can definitely help! And really no matter what size you are – this will ALL help!

  1. Set up a Google My Business Listing (It’s free and so easy) – you can do it here:
  2. Encourage Links to your Site from other sites – Give testimonials to people and make sure they put a link to your website with your testimonial on their site
  3. Write great content in Blogs (like this one? Haha) Content that your target market is looking for is exactly what you want to write. For instance, we once wrote a Blog about some Software Training – through that blog a New client based in New York found us and paid for some training in that software programme! WOW The power of Google Search
  4. Share your content to social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram – you should use the right platform for your target market.

Give those 4 simple things a go (if you haven’t already) and let us know how you get on. Remember that it takes time to move up the ranks in Google (more like weeks than days). 

Those are our 4 TIPS for today but there are SOOO many more! What can you add to this list?

Chantelle Good


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