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Chantelle good - A path of resilience, positivity and growth.

Most of us can’t reference major health crises like kidney failure as the tipping point for a business launch, but Chantelle’s path to building a life she loves has never been a conventional one. 

From teenage dreams of following in her father's footsteps as a business owner to a health struggle that started in her twenties and saw her land in hospital on dialysis treatment - Chantelle credits her health struggles as the catalyst for taking the leap into building her own business. 

“Life is too short to not do things that you are passionate about, and I have wanted to start a business from a young age.”

The Good P.A. was born out of her desire to see businesses move from struggling to thriving. 
Having identified that many business owners struggle in the areas of organization and cash flow, she developed a company that met these needs and enabled her clients to both grow and create more time for their family and personal life.

Chantelle's teenage dreams of becoming a business owner were by no means defused when the dream became a reality with The Good PA.

“I love everything about running a business, from marketing to hiring and all the things in between. The opportunity to learn from mistakes, and create an environment where people love to come to work every day is something that I want to do for the rest of my life!”

With a business built on her core values of knowledge, positive action, community and integrity, Chantelle believes that nothing is more important in the running of a business than happy and engaged team!

“The team I work with are the most important part of The Good P.A. - they come first, even before the clients, because without them no client work is completed. If your team doesn't come first, everything falls apart.”

Undaunted by the challenges of everyday business management and ongoing health issues, Chantelle's tenacity for business development is evident. 

Her commitment to strengthening and giving back to the community lies at the core of her company vision.

“I’m grateful for every single one of my challenges, they have allowed me to grow, become resilient and empathetic - I see everything as an opportunity."

“I absolutely love what I do.” 

“My hope is that everyone can enjoy what they do as much as me. Whether at home or at work, I hope that everyone realizes that life is such a precious gift, none of us know how long we have been given and every moment matters. So Dream | Plan | Do”


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