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Case Study from Andrew Palmer of Advice Financial

Andrew Palmer has a passion for helping his clients to achieve their own financial objectives by providing a personalised financial advice service to them.

A registered financial advisor, Andrew’s business was thriving which meant that he was often snowed under with his workload. So, in August 2016, Andrew enlisted the help of virtual assistants The Good P.A to take on the administration tasks of his business.

“The primary objective of engaging with The Good P.A was to delegate the administration functions, so that I can focus on the relationships and advice functions of my business,” Andrew said.

“And that has and is being achieved.”

Andrew has been working as a financial advisor since 1984. His role involves providing advice about financial strategies, finance and personal protection to his clients. The clients he assists are all personally introduced by existing clients

A business development manager introduced Andrew to Chantelle Good and her team at The Good P.A. He says ever since that introduction, Chantelle and her team have helped him achieve his business goals.  

The Good P.A team have helped Andrew design a number of administrative structures around his processes and implemented them. They’ve recently introduced a new client management software programme for him and are currently adding additional new processes and services.

Andrew said The Good P.A has been a huge help. Their assistance has meant Andrew can focus more on his clients.

“The Good P.A are really responsive, supportive and active in providing administration services. They provide a high-quality service in a friendly and personable way.”


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