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Case Study from Gavin Bodey of BodeySpark Electrical

Gavin Bodey is a family man who prides himself on being great at what he does as a “sparky” electrical inspector for his business BodeySpark Electrical.

Gavin was feeling the pressure of running his business. The stress of the amount of work that he was juggling alongside being a husband and father was keeping him up at night and paralysing himself with worry about getting things done in time.

Through the trade, another electrician who had been in a similar position recommended the help of Varntige to take on the administration tasks of Gavin’s business.

“I do industrial work during the day and it’s intensive so there aren’t many opportunities to stop and do any bookwork or administration. I desperately needed help, and I really feel like I’ve had a winner with Chantelle,” Gavin says.

From the beginning, he was led by Chantelle as he wanted to try anything she recommended and was prepared to be guided by her and her experience.

Varntige helps Gavin and his business by taking on-board his administration tasks such as invoicing and implementing new software for him.

“They have seamlessly adapted their systems to my industry. Chantelle and the team’s quiet confidence, flexibility and prompt attention to my small business and its needs, has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for work, streamlined all aspects of my administration, and truly given me the gift of time,” Gavin says.

He says it’s given him the freedom to do what he does best and has taken away his stress – which has helped not only his business but also his health and family life.

Recently, Gavin took on an apprentice and says that’s all been made possible by Chantelle. He’s also been able to take on contract labour to help when required.

“Everything Chantelle has done has worked tenfold, so I feel it is very easy to trust her and she’s very approachable. She’s a family person so she understands that first and foremost my business needs to fit in with my family. She’s giving me the ability to do that.”

Gavin has recommended Varntige to other people without hesitation because he’s seen the speed in which they work, and he knows that he can ask them to do anything he needs help with.

Gavin says he recently caught up with a friend who said he looked great and well-rested. He believes that is purely because he’s sleeping better at night due to having Varntige’s help.

“She’s been my lifesaver. Chantelle has taken away the stress, is reasonably priced and the ability to tailor the package to whatever I needed help with or whatever the customer needs is great.”


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