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Last Pass

Recently, we posted about Last Pass on our Facebook page. Has anyone actually heard of Last Pass? Does anyone use it? We just celebrated our first anniversary with them, and what we can say is we LOVE it!

Last Pass is a secure account with one master password that only you know that keep the rest of your passwords locked up in an easy to find vault. It is easy to use with great security that uses bank level encryption to scramble your data for secure transfer and storage. 

Last Pass is also extremely cost effective. If you are a person who has lots of passwords that you easily forget, Last Pass is actually FREE for only one user. If you are a business, it only costs about $50.00 a year per user.

The enterprise features include user management that offers centralized administration tools needed to manage employee access. It includes single sign on with one click access and password management for seamless form based authentication for the thousands of apps and sites that don’t support federation. Last Pass protect your data at every step, so you can follow best practices too!

If you are a business or just want to use it personally, sign up now to simplify your life! If you want to get in contact with us about Last Pass, do so by giving us a call on (07) 870 1669 or visit


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