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Lightbulb Moment - How To Keep Staff Happy

I had a lightbulb moment in the shower the other week

I have lately been trying to think of ways to keep my staff happy and fulfilled in their jobs. Not because they are not already happy but simply because we can always improve and it's a big value for me. Happy employees = happy business (I am SO passionate about treating employee's right, and see so many businesses not truly valuing what employees can do for their businesses).

I got up early on this Lightbulb morning moment to finish off some work for a client. Now I had been working on this particular project for a week but on this morning when I finished off the last items to do, it 'clicked' and I realised I now fully understood exactly what the client wanted and rather than the client telling me what they needed, I could go back to them and let them know what I recommended. I felt proud, happy and undeniably my mood of earlier not wanting to get out of bed turned into one of delight. My day was suddenly brighter. I LOVE TO SOLVE PROBLEMS FOR CLIENTS!

When I hopped in the shower I even danced a little (sssshh don't tell everyone I LOVE TO DANCE) AND that is when I had my Lightbulb moment. I realised why the last week working on this project had been not as enjoyable and why that last moment was hugely enjoyable – because I understood what I was doing. It brought me back to those moments of starting in a new job – that first month when you are so busy learning and its fun, exciting, nerve racking and sometimes draining. Now imagine if that was how your job was every day – ALL DAY! I don't think there are many people whose emotions, mental state or bodies could handle that pressure.

It made me realise that while the 80/20 RULE – 80% loving what you do and 20% not so much wasn't the only thing to think about. Forgotten sometimes is the fact that staff need to fully understand and grasp what they are doing in their jobs… And if they don't have this basic understanding they will ultimately not enjoy their jobs. You might think – what staff don't understand their jobs? Well there are people who end up in jobs that they truly shouldn't be in! Eeeek and then there is our industry – administration for lots of businesses. You might question how it could be hard enough to not understand what you're doing?

Well on any given day we can work on 10 different clients tasks (more sometimes) and to understand all of their computer systems, processes and 'ways of doing things' can be a huge learning curve.

In the end it comes down to finding the right staff – the right people who you know will THRIVE and fully understand the work they are doing. Of course we all like a little something new (repetitive gets boring for a lot of people) so maybe the 80/20 RULE should apply to fully grasping your work?

What are your thoughts? Flick me an emailI look forward to hearing from you.

Chantelle Good


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