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Do you have a Professional services based business, looking for software?

Accelo Software

You may have already seen us post about Accelo software. Accelo is the software we use to run our business. It has four different modules: CRM, Projects, Retainers and Service. You can subscribe to any one of these modules or all of them in a Plus or Premium subscription. Here at The Good P.A we run all modules called PSA in Premium version. Making us built for growth. Accelo is made for the smallest business to the largest companies. Even having the ability to run multiple companies in the one software. It's made for teams & makes it easy to manage staff & their schedules.

Over the last 5-6 months of using Accelo we have made a list of some of the benefits

  • It syncs with all the major software applications including the following Software we use:
    • Xero
    • Mail Chimp
    • Office 365
    • Dropbox
  • It manages time spent on client jobs and internal jobs – billable and non-billable.
  • You can pay per user & have four different user capabilities, meaning working with contractors is simple
  • It has triggers & progressions – meaning you can cut out a lot of 'paper' checklists & it can send automatic emails at times you set
  • Keeps track of all client contact
  • The Retainers module is great for Businesses selling Packages. For us it automatically moves our client's package hours over to the next period (month) if not used. You can choose all this on set-up.
  • It has many custom fields allowing you to customise for your business
  • It is constantly updating & because it's cloud based you gets these updates straight away

There are plenty of other benefits too.

Accelo is American based with an office in Australia. We are all about supporting local and NZ companies. There just wasn't anything NZ made that could do everything we required – and with only one system. And Accelo are doing some amazing things, their technology is being continuously updated.

In the future we are looking to become a Certified Partner. Allowing us to offer Accelo training & Set up. In the meantime we have recently become a referral partner for Accelo, Check our their Website for more information.

If you would like to sign up for a trial we ask you to do so via this link: Click here to be Linked to Trial Page

If you do have any questions please contact Chantelle. She will be more than happy to answer your questions or have a chat with you about Accelo.

That's it from us, thanks for reading, have an awesome week!

P.S Now why would we share this all with you? 

Letting out the secrets of how our business runs so efficiently. Well first off we are here to help our client's succeed in business and second off Chantelle once heard Oprah Winfrey state that focusing on your Competition is a waste of time, you have to do you best. Chantelle agrees, no other business has our exact team or will do things the same. So while we know our competition we don't worry about them. We like to put the effort into making our business the best it can be. And Providing you with valuable information is part of being our best!


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