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Meet our newest team member, Andrea

Welcome to our newest team member Andrea who joined the team just a short 4 weeks ago. Andrea will be covering for Tangiwai as she is off on maternity leave any day now!

Andrea is joining our team as a Bookkeeper & VA and will stay on even when Tangiwai returns next year. 

A quick ‘get to know me’?

Hi, my name is Andrea.  I’ve worked in accounts for the past 20 years and have more recently focussed on becoming a bookkeeping superstar!  Outside of this I am busy being mum, step-mum, grandma, wife and friend. Most of my adult life has been spent in Waikato with an adventurous and fun few years in sunny Hawkes Bay enjoying the cycle trails, wineries and making some great friends.

If you could choose to be anyone/anything for a day, what it be and why?

Too hard to choose!  I’m super happy just to be me, living my best life with my soulmate.

What is your proudest achievement/moment?

I am proud of the journey to become the person I am today 😊

Name one thing you enjoy the most in your role at The Good P.A?

Although I’m the newbie it’s not taken long to enjoy the friendly banter across the office!!  Am looking forward to many years of this.

Andrea is bottom left in our pic below (this was the mid year lunch at Zealong in Hamilton - one of the many places we're slowly ticking off our bucket list of eating at. 


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