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I NEED a website, but I don’t have the cashflow

Websites are so important. They are usually the first impression that people have of your business AND the first point of contact from your potential client/customer.

I know, of course we will be telling you that you need a good website – we are in the business of making beautiful ones! But we are also in the business of helping you be happier and less stressed in your business. We want to provide solutions to suit YOUR business, YOUR cashflow and YOUR time.

This might mean you don’t have the budget to put $3000 into a new website, the time or knowledge it takes to create one in your own time. We get it, I mean I am not plumbing my own sink in my spare time!

The burning question, how can we help you?

We are running DIY Rocketspark Website Workshops. These are a workshop where you walk through the door with no website and walk out the door with a LIVE one. YES! Get your website live in ONE workshop.

What these workshops involve:

Before the workshop

  • A detailed checklist to work through BEFORE the workshop, this will tell you everything you need to have organised to help you go live on the day of the workshop
  • Easy to understand information explaining that tricky website jargon
  • A Rocketspark login for your own website

During the workshop

  • Follow along as we share with you our process in building websites
  • Questions, answers and problems solved in real time
  • Expert advice from a qualified Rocketspark website designer 
  • Step-by-step instructions and demonstration
  • Extra steps to help with your website success
  • Our recommendations for your website based on your business needs
  • All the information and help you will need to get your website LIVE!
  • Morning or Afternoon tea and a hot drink from Storyteller Bar & Eatery in Te Awamutu
  • A goodie bag
  • Follow up instructions and information to help your website after the workshop

So, what are you waiting for? Head to our info page to learn more and secure your spot! We have limited spaces and they are fulling up FAST.

See you there!


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