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I learnt a valuable lesson this week…

I’ve been blessed in life to learn that time is not an infinite resource.

But this week I learnt that I hadn’t been valuing all of my time as I should. I value parts of it – health is big. You’ll find it’s rare as hens teeth for me to miss any of my planned workout sessions. Because I’m valuing that time.

I hadn’t been putting the value on my work and personal time that it deserves. A reminder came when some of my time was wasted, and I was left thinking why this person wasted my time. Light bulb moment. I can’t control others – only myself. Why was I letting someone waste my time? Because I wasn’t valuing my own time. This was so much about me and no one else.

Psychology and how we work as people really interests me, I love learning about people and myself. So, these moments for me I love. Learning moments – growing moments.

And it was a good week to learn this as I had just got back onto my weekly routine. Up at 5am, meditate, drinking water, and so forth. I love a good routine.

I’ve decided to start thinking of my time in dollar figures. Lets say it’s worth $100 an hour. If someone wants 2 hours of my time – am I willing to give them $200? Will I see a return on that $200? Does it fit in line with my own values and priorities?

I know that it takes time to build new habits. I’ll hit some road bumps in my journey to valuing my time fully but I’ll keep you updated on how I get on in 2022.

Has this brought up any thoughts for you? Do you find yourself in meetings thinking it’s a waste of time? How are you valuing your time? I’d love to hear from people who are wondering whether they are giving away too much time too.


P.S I don’t think we should have to put $ figures on our time to see it’s value – but maybe that says something else about me that a psychologist would be sure to pull out!?


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