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8 Reasons why Farmers Need a Bookkeeper!

Farmers are one of the main bloodlines of the New Zealand economy, and by supporting the agriculture industry to do their best, we are supporting all New Zealand businesses to thrive.

#1 – I am looking to save time

If there’s one things NZ farmer’s do not have an abundance of – it’s time. We understand the jobs on the farm are never done and by utilising a bookkeeper, this free’s you up to work on what you do best. Reclaim your evenings and weekends by outsourcing your bookkeeping and admin tasks.

#2 – I need simple pricing I can budget for

With the payout, the weather and all the other variables that farmer’s have to deal with, having certainty around your expenses is at least 1 thing you can rely on. Having a fixed cost per month for the assurance that your bookkeeping will be completed to a high standard is a relief you can count on us to deliver.

#3 – I need to be compliant with the IRD

Do you know your requirements as a New Zealand business owner and what you are expected to file with the IRD each week/month/year? Luckily, we do. We will ensure that all your filing obligations with the IRD are met and send you reminders when payments are due.

#4 – I need my staff to be paid correctly and on-time

Managing staff on the farm can be a full time job, you’re not just their boss – you’re quite often their neighbour AND their landlord as well! Let us take some of the admin away for you by managing your payroll and ensuring your staff are paid correctly and on-time.

#5 – I need someone to answer my questions

Farmers need someone they can rely on for accurate information in regard to their bookkeeping, payroll and compliance. Let us be your sounding board for all your bookkeeping, payroll and admin queries. If we don’t know the answer – we’ll find it for you.

#6 – I want to know where my money is going

Keeping track of when your bills are due and ensuring they are paid on time is just part of the service. As bookkeepers we also help you understand WHERE your money is going so you can ensure you’re spending in the right areas of your business.

#7 – Help me with my rebates and discounts

Farmers are entitled to several discounts and rebates. Let us help you understand what you are entitled to and handle the application process on your behalf.

#8 – I need a comprehensive budget and forecast for my bank manager

Whether you are buying more land, upsizing the herd or just need an overdraft for the dry period – there are many reasons’ why farmers need to go to the bank for finance. A well-constructed budget and cashflow forecast will not only give you a clear idea of if your new pursuit is viable – but putting your best foot forward for the bank will ensure your application is taken seriously. The use of a good cashflow software for the general running of your business will help you plan ahead and accommodate for any shortfalls.

Let us take care of your:

  • Accounts payable
  • Payroll
  • GST Returns
  • Budgeting and cashflow planning
  • Data entry (Herd records, MINDA)
  • Fuel Rebate application
  • Typing up monthly farm reports

Not yet using Xero? From now until 30th April 2022, Xero are offering Farmer’s 50% off their first 3 month Xero subscription. Ask us how to get started before the new season arrives!


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