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Dudfields Case Study

Sarah and Mark Dudfield have time back on their hands to deal with the big stuff of business – working out the future growth for Dudfields Electricians without the stress and worry of the day to day running and logistics required by their busy team.

“We needed to do something – Mark was taking all the phone calls coming in each day, scheduling call outs and work, while being on the tools too. Something had to give. We talked to the team at Varntige and got them to handle our phone service,” Sarah says.

Within a short space of time, Sarah and Mark realised how efficient and effective it was to use the skills of virtual assistant Daryl-Lynn as their receptionist and started to wonder what else the Varntige team could help with.

“Now they handle our phones, our scheduling and our book-keeping – it has been a game changer. They have taken the time to understand our business, our clients and how we work. Daryl-Lynn, Chantelle and Maddy have taken away all the stress!”

“Mark is definitely less stressed as I don’t have to be the nagging wife who has to follow up on things!”

Even the smallest things have made a huge difference, Sarah says.

“Something as simple as when one of our electricians is running late, now we just let the Varntige team know, and they take care of ensuring our clients know there is a scheduling change. That way, we have our team still working rather than stopping and making calls, and we have happy clients too.”

Confidence and trust are essential when working with a Virtual Assistant business – and Sarah says they have exactly that with Varntige.

“Working with Varntige has helped us to grow our business, it has made a huge difference to what we have time to do. Anything that comes up now, I look at it and know I can hand it over when needed and I know it will get done, often better than we could do it. It is worth the investment. It was hard at first to think about handing over a lot of the work for ‘our baby’, our business, but it has really paid off.”

 “Mark and I have time to work on the business more, focus on our growth and where we want to go with it. The systems they have implemented means I have time to work on creating better processes for our health and safety, and our human resources and knowing that everything else is taken care of.”

Best yet, the whole team loves working with Varntige.

“Everyone in our team loves the Varntige team and can see how much easier they make our day-to-day operations. Everyone is less stressed, and we are always telling other people in business that we know to go with Varntige, you will never regret it. They are an important part of our team.”

Who is Dudfields?

Dudfields are Master Electricians servicing the Waikato. With a broad range of services covering everything from residential requirements to commercial kitchen servicing, they prioritise fast response and quality workmanship on every job, no matter the type or size.


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