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Why Varntige are 100% Xero for their Bookkeeping Services

When Varntige started in 2015 (then named The Good P.A) they serviced both MYOB and Xero Accounting Software clients. However, Chantelle quickly came to realise that time is a limited resource and she wanted Varntige team to be the very best at what they do. So, she decided to Niche and offer bookkeeping services in only Xero. 

This meant staff could spend their training time each month keeping up to date with only the one Software. Allowing them to have the time to keep up with all the updates and fully understand how to use and train people in Xero. 

Flash forward a few years, Varntige is now XERO GOLD PARTNERS!

Varntige understands that Xero may not fit all businesses requirements but has found that it fits their target market perfectly. And because of all the software that now integrates with Xero they have always been able to find Software solutions fit for purpose for all of their clients!

Varntige has Certified Advisors who offer Xero Training, Xero Health Checks and share knowledge. They also offer full Xero set-ups for start-up businesses or up and running businesses who are wanting to move from their current accounting software to Xero and monthly packages to complete Xero tasks you might not have the time or skill to do.

Get in touch to have a FREE meeting, let's find out how we can help you be HAPPIER and LESS STRESSED while running your growing business. 


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