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The time-saving secret of busy bosses

It’s a weeknight, and you’re working late at the office again. If you’ve got other staff, they’ve gone home already, but as the boss you can’t just walk away and switch off. There are invoices to send, emails to respond to, accounts to manage.

You’d love to get home to the kids, but this work won’t do itself. Or could it?

What you need is a supporter in your corner, someone to take the administrative load off your shoulders and proactively help your business become more efficient — allowing you to get more time for yourself, and more energy to focus where you need it.

What you need is Varntige.

We’re proficient in business processes, bookkeeping, administration, and a range of other duties to support and encourage positive change in both your business and life. We’re dedicated to empowering our clients with the resources — human and technical — to make their business thrive.

Make your time and money go further.

With a virtual assistant, you can experience the benefit of having a professional managing your sundry tasks, without worrying about their available hours, desk and equipment, sick leave, holidays, or personal requirements. Our team is available from 9-5 Monday to Friday, and you only pay for the hours you use, meaning we’re adaptable and flexible to suit your needs.

Thanks to Varntige, Gavin Bodey of BodeySpark Electrical increased both his profit line and family time by optimising his business processes. Feeling the pressure of running his own business while juggling family time, Gavin came to us for support.

Now, he’s free to do what he does best and what he loves, while the burden of administration and bookkeeping are managed by us. With Varntige, Gavin maximised family time, minimised business stress, and has confidence that his business processes are in safe hands.

What’s holding you back in your business?

Don’t let detail-heavy tasks absorb your time, or detract from the enjoyment of running your business. Call Chantelle Good to book a meeting today, and see how we can lighten your load and help you find your work-life balance again.

Call Chantelle, 07 870 1669.


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