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A quick branding update for Gibson Electrical

Updating your branding doesn't have to be scary... Change and growth is GOOD!

Embrace growth in your business and share it visually through your branding and website design. We are not the same person we were 20, 10, 5 years ago and chances are your business has had a similar growth. 🌱 🪴 🌳 

Don't be scared to update your website or invest in the visual impact of your branding. Your branding is the first impression of your company and should represent YOU as a company - it should provoke a feeling.

Marty Neumeier says "...a brand is a person's gut feeling about a product, service, or company. ... While companies can't control this process, they can influence"

Logo rebrand

Gibson Electrical is a Te Awamutu based electrical company with 30 years experience. They were ready to bring their branding into present time and asked us to help them do it. The brief was:

  • Update the logo 

  • Keep the Red and Black colour palette

  • Create a modern plug icon

  • Go for gold!

When dealing with a rebrand with such experience, loyalty and trust built from years of service, you really need to consider the existing branding. Keeping the colours or an association of some sort for the brain to make the connection between the new and old branding is key.

I focussed on keeping the colour palette (as per the request of Gibson) and wanted to include the same features as well as the configuration. I wanted it to be a modernised version of the existing logo that is simple and can be easily recognised.

Logo rebrand
Logo rebrand
Logo rebrand

I created a simplified flat vector graphic to replace the more 'busy' version in the originals. From this we are able to use the symbol and adapt it to fit further marketing and all areas of branding like letterheads and adverts as well as flyers and website should they choose to update those items.

Worried a rebrand might cost too much money? Get in touch, we can have chat and see if we are the right fit for you for no cost at all.

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Logo rebrand


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