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Loving Arms website, giving back to our Community

Varntige is on the second year of our Lift Up: Free Community Website initiative.

This is where Non-profit Organisations can register to receive our FREE Lift Up Community Website. In addition to our FREE website design and help, Rocketspark provides FREE website hosting for the entirety of that website's lifetime, learn more about this here.

This year we chose to help the amazing team at Loving Arms. If you are not aware of the incredible work they do for our community, please check them out!

Loving Arms needed a new website with a way to take regular donations from their supporters, one-off donations, clothing and item donation and also registrations to help to new mothers and their babies.

We worked with them to develop an eCommerce portion of the website where people can make their single donations or sign up to a subscription to make regular donation. This change will automate this process, cut back on admin and allow Loving Arms to put their energy into helping their community, as they have done for many years 🧡

As we know Christmas is coming up and this can be a hard and stressful time for so many new mothers and families. If you are able to help support Loving Arms, please make a donation here.

Are you a New Zealand based Not for profit organisation? please keep reading below.

Calling all Charities and Organisations!

2023 brings a new year and so a new opportunity for us to help support a New Zealand Not for profit, Charity or Organisation. If you are any of these or know of any deserving organisations, please register here.


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