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Help Kids in Need Waikato keep moving!

Lift up: Varntige Community Day 2022

We had the pleasure of helping Kids in Need Waikato for our 2022 Community Day!

On this day we got to help Kids in Need Waikato change over from their winter stock to summer stock, help stock the tog & towel section ready for the sunny days, develop some assets for their social media campaign and of course, create some specialised bags filled with beautiful clothing and items for Kids in need.

We sat down with the amazing owner and founder of Kids in Need Waikato, Linda Roil and discussed how and why she created the incredible organisation and how YOU can do your part to help:

How can you help?

Kids in Need Waikato is currently fundraising for a new Van to make deliveries all over the Waikato. Find out more and make a donation here:

Looking for other ways to help?

  • Donate your time
  • Sort through donations 
  • Put together personalised care packs 
  • Wash donated second-hand clothing
  • Sew the bags that hold the contents of care packs 
  • Donate your clothing or items (good condition only! These kids deserve the best)

Check them out:

Community Day 2023

Are you a Waikato location organisation or charity in need of help? We will be having our next Community Day in 2023, register here.


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